About Us

Welcome to our farm!

The Mays during Harvest 2012
The Mays during Harvest 2012

Let us tell you a little bit about our operations and our history.

In 1984 Mayview Farms Ltd purchased quota from the BC Chicken Marketing board and today is raising more than 68,000 free run birds per cycle. In October of 2012, we opened The Fowl Farmer, a farm gate market featuring fresh and frozen chicken as well as BC produce and fabulous artisan products.

See you at the market, The Mays

We have also updated poultry growers practices in B.C.!

Did you know? All poultry grown in Canada is steroid and hormone free, and has been since 1969. It is also illegal to raise chickens in cages.
At The Fowl Farmer, all of our meat is grain-fed and free-run, meaning that the chickens have free rein to run around the barns, but are not outdoors.

As for antibiotics, we have two options:

1. Our regular poultry is Raised with Antibiotics, meaning that they have been administered antibiotics to keep them healthy while growing. They are weaned off the antibiotics weeks leading up to processing, so by the time our poultry ends up on your plate as per CFIA standards, it is antibiotic free!

2. We also carry Heritage poultry, which is all Raised without Antibiotics (previously known as Antibiotic Free, or ABF). RWA poultry are harder to raise and keep healthy, which is why they are more expensive compared to our regular meat.

Whatever you choose, at The Fowl Farmer you are guaranteed to bring home healthy, happy chickens!