At The Fowl Farmer, we understand that the cranberry harvest is beautiful and can make for stunning photographs and a great experience. Unfortunately, we do not allow access to our fields. Access to the cranberry fields is restricted, and no public are allowed in the bogs under any circumstances due to liability issues and as to not interfere with the harvest.

We ask that you respect our fields and the harvest! Thank you!


As there have been many questions raised lately about how our chickens are raised, we thought it was best to take your questions to the BC Chicken Marketing Board and get more information for you, our customers!

Here are some of the key messages on our animal care program:

1. Chicken Farmers of Canada has always taken animal welfare very seriously, and as such, has implemented a credible Animal Care Program.

2. This program is based on the national Code of Practice for the care and handling of poultry

3. We worked closely with the National Farm Animal Care Council in 2016 to update the Code of Practice

4. The Animal Care Program’s implementation is supported by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, along with several industry stakeholders

5. The program is mandatory throughout all 10 provinces, and;

6. Chicken farmers are audited annually and have strict enforcement measures in place

7. We do our part with our mandatory, 3rd party audited Animal Care Program, that covers the time from when the birds are placed to when they are prepared for transit to the processor.

BC Chicken Marketing Board’s statement about the catching video can be found on their website at: http://bcchicken.ca/news/statement-ctv-animal-abuse-video/

Chicken Farmers of Canada also JUST launched a program aimed at consumers and focussing on farming “Lets Talk Chicken”: https://letstalkchicken.ca/ It includes some key messages on the animal care program: https://letstalkchicken.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/D2-brochure-EN.pdf

We hope this helps explain why are chickens are happy and healthy!